Ted O’Neill

The Morton Center’s, Peer Support Specialist

Ted O’Neill started his journey in recovery when he moved from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Louisville, Kentucky and he is an alumni of The Morton Center. After completing all the requirements of a sober living program, he became the Resident Manager of the facility. As the Resident Manager, Ted ran the day-to-day operations of the facility, conducted interviews with prospective clients, oversaw the care of the residents, and helped them find employment and get their case-management needs met. In this role, Ted was also responsible for attending court with clients as an advocate and representative. It was in this role that Ted realized his desire to utilize his life experience of addiction, homelessness, criminal justice involvement, and family reunification to help other men see that change is possible for them as well.
His goal for his Peer Support Specialist role at The Morton Center is to find out how to support each client best as they come through the door and meet them where they are in their journey. 
Ted’s long-term goals are to go to school for Social Work and keep trying to reach people in the city of Louisville to help them with sobriety, family relationships, and building a life where it is possible to sustain long-term sobriety.  

Let’s Start Your Recovery!

The Morton Center supports a 12-step model of recovery and uses evidence-based practices to treat individuals, couples, and families.

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