Mental Health Services

At The Morton Center, we understand that addiction is often intertwined with underlying mental health challenges. To provide comprehensive care and support, we offer a range of mental health services that address the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to helping you or your loved one on the path to recovery.

The Connection Between Addiction and Mental Health:

Addiction and mental health issues frequently co-occur, making it crucial to address both aspects simultaneously. People may turn to substances as a way to cope with their emotional struggles, which can lead to a cycle of dependency and worsening mental health. Our mental health services aim to break this cycle and promote holistic healing.

Comprehensive Mental Health Support

We offer a variety of mental health services to cater to individual needs. Our approach is personalized, compassionate, and evidence-based, ensuring you receive the care you deserve. Our mental health services include:

The Benefits of Addressing Mental Health:

  • Improved overall well-being and emotional stability
  • Enhanced coping skills
  • Reduced risk of relapse
  • Strengthened relationships
  • Increased quality of life

Your Partner in Recovery

We are dedicated to providing a holistic approach to addiction treatment. We understand that addressing mental health is a vital component of sustainable recovery. By offering comprehensive mental health services, we aim to empower you with the tools and support needed to overcome addiction and achieve lasting emotional well-being.

Let’s Start Your Recovery!

The Morton Center supports a 12-step model of recovery and uses evidence-based practices to treat individuals, couples, and families.

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