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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

11:30 a.m.  – 1 p.m.

For 40 years The Morton Center services have been based on the belief that substance use disorder impacts families and support systems as much as it does individuals suffering from addiction. In designing treatment plans and programs, our professional therapists consider social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being for each person, couple, or family they work with. There is no waitlist for treatment, and we do not turn away those who do not have insurance or financial resources – we always have an open chair for a person ready to seek help. Our programs offer an alternative to inpatient hospitalization; clients can continue to be part of their family and work environments, with much greater potential for successful outcomes for everyone.

Our Impact

  • 18,332 chairs were provided last year for all services – ages 6 – 81 years old.
  • 1,636 Individuals took the first step of recovery last year for themselves, their families, and loved ones. 
  • 18 people on average are helped each week.
  • Almost 53,000 families have benefited from our programs since 1984.

Our Impact

Unfortunately, many who walk through our doors lack financial resources, which means our scholarship program is vital to their recovery. A scholarship allows a person to begin the eight-week Intensive Outpatient Program immediately. The program completion rate for those clients who receive a 100% scholarship is 89%, with 58% continuing with aftercare groups or individual sessions which they pay for with insurance or out of pocket because they were able to return to work. The completion rate for those individuals who do not receive a full scholarship drops to 54%, with many leaving the program around the five-week mark due to a lack of financial resources. This is where you can make a difference

By partnering with us financially, you help change these statistics and make it possible to provide full scholarships to those who need them. You align your brand with a powerful purpose that will resonate with area business and community leaders and stakeholders. And you show our community that you are committed to helping transform lives and create new powerful stories for individuals and families in Kentucky and Indiana. To learn more about Sponsorship Opportunities Click here.

  • With your Sponsorship, you give hope to individuals and families in Kentucky and Indiana. 
  • Dollars raised provide addiction treatment, children’s art therapy, support groups for the family, and help break the cycle of addiction.
  • Become a sponsor today! Click here to Partner with us!!!

Let’s Start Your Recovery!

The Morton Center supports a 12-step model of recovery and uses evidence-based practices to treat individuals, couples, and families.

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